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Mark Walters, Restoring Natural Areas

CCS Talk on Wednesday 23rd July 2014

At 8pm Marion Mahony Griffin Hall, Glenaeon School, Edinburgh Rd, Castlecrag

Supper will follow Mark’s talk

Restoring Natural Areas – Soil Translocation and Native Vegetation Community Regeneration

Mark Walters is a Teacher-Ecologist at Ryde TAFE. He teaches CertIII, CertIV and Diploma of Conservation & Land Management.

Topsoil is an undervalued resource for conserving biodiversity. Often this valuable resource is wasted, treated as a contaminated waste or composted for landscaping soils. In this talk Mark will cover some aspects of topsoil translocation as a tool for rehabilitating degraded sites. Mark has carried out, or been a consultant to more than a dozen topsoil translocation projects over the last decade within the Sydney region and has undertaken university research into the topic.


Trees: the ultimate green investment?

All welcome at our next meeting: Wednesday 27 March 2013

Beautiful Sydney Red Gums by the water of Middle Harbour

Glenaeon School Hall, 121 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag at 8 pm

AGM & Election of Office Bearers

followed by

Trees: the ultimate green investment?

Lorraine Cairnes and Prof. Carrick Chambers

Lorraine and Carrick will lead a discussion on the environmental value of trees. How do you view trees? Trees line many of our streets; we also have bushland reserves bordering residences and streets. But are we losing the battle to save our trees ? With more and more big housing developments are we losing our tree cover? Do you agree that trees along with other native flora are essential not only for us but also all the other creatures that make up the ecosystem? Come along and add your voice to the discussion.

“Trees are nature’s air conditioners,” Dr Coutts said. “It does cost money to maintain the urban forest, but the benefits provided by trees like urban cooling, energy savings, and stormwater runoff help justify the investment in urban greening programs,” Julie Power, SMH March 9-10 3013

Everyone is welcome. Supper and further talk will follow.