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Climate Change Rally Sunday 29 November The Domain at 12.30pm

“The last weekend of November will see the biggest climate march the world has ever seen. In towns and cities across the globe, citizens will gather on the eve of the world leaders meeting in Paris for the United Nations climate summit, to demand real action on climate change.”
Join the Castlecrag Conservation Society in The Domain from 12.30pm – look out for our banner.

Climate Change Rally

The Climate Change Rally will be on Sunday November 29th beginning at 1.00pm with the meeting place in the City to still be communicated to everyone. This is an important rally that will support the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris from 30 November to 11 December.

The Conference objective is to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, from all the nations of the world.

By showing our support in Sydney to this process – we can join with many globally and make a difference.

Two groups are forming to support the rally from Castlecrag – Bushcarers and CCS Members and friends. You are invited to participate and network your support for this event.

Stop the 10/50 Chop

The 10/50 rule was passed in State Parliament in August last year. the most recent review of the legislation took into account more than 3,500 submissions from individuals and interested parties. After 10 months of consideration the thirty recommendations to come out of the review do little to wrest back control to council authorities.  – THE CRAG Newsletter Sept 2015

The Castlecrag Conservation Society will continue its campaign for tighter control of all mature tree felling.

During the campaign for changes to this environmentally damaging rule – Ally Selby produced a short film about the effects of the rule in Castlecrag which contains interviews of Mayor Gail Giles Gidney and the CCS President Mark Crew. It can be viewed by clicking on the link below;

To Clear or Not To Clear – Are people abusing the 10/50 rule?

The People’s Climate March 27-29 November in Sydney

Global action on Climate Change is happening. The Castlecrag Conservation Society will be attending the Sydney rally on 29 November and you are invited to join other members who will be marching with the CCS banner on the day. Climate Change is the leading conservation issue globally. People all over Earth will be rallying on the weekend of 27-29 November to support policy change and actions that are being driven from the United Nations down to governments in individual countries.

To support this initiative a door knock will be held in Castlecrag on November 14 by CCS members to raise awareness for Climate Change and encourage our community to attend the rally.

The People’s Climate March 2015

Mountain Pygmy Possum (Burramys parvus)

At our next meeting, Hayley Bates, a PhD candidate from the University of New South Wales will be presenting a talk on one of Australia’s most iconic climate change species, the Mountain Pygmy-possum (Burramys parvus).

When: Wednesday 22 May 2013, 8 pm
Where: Glenaeon School Hall, 121 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag

Hayley has spent the last three years researching and monitoring Burramys populations across New South Wales. Her talk will cover topics including: a history of Burramys, current population status and threats, present research, recent field discoveries and an exciting new approach to conservation.

Have a read of her recent article in The Conversation

Everyone welcome – friends and neighbours included. Please join us for supper after Hayley’s presentation.

July 2012, Speaker Meeting

“First humans, Last Megafauna? A brief look at the question of

megafaunal extinction and the human overkill model.

Dr Judith Field

Senior Research Fellow

Thursday   26   July   2012 ,  8 pm   

Glenaeon School Hall, 121 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag

The extinction of a suite of giant animals, including the Diprotodon, the giant flightless bird Genyornis and a goanna the size of a Komodo dragon sometime during the last 100,000 years has been the subject of heated and sometimes acrimonious debate. That the extinctions appeared to coincide with the last ice age and the arrival of humans has led to entrenched and polarised views on the topic that continue to attract media attention. In this talk I hope to present some of the facts of the case and canvass the most explanations that may account for these events.

Judith Field is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of New South Wales, having moved from the University of Sydney where she had been a research fellow since 1996. She majored in Archaeology and Botany in her undergraduate studies and was awarded a PhD from the School of Geography at UNSW in 1996. Judith’s research focus is on Pleistocene archaeology, principally archaeological approaches to the timing and causes of megafaunal extinctions in Australia. She has directed excavations at the Pleistocene archaeological site of Cuddie Springs in western New South Wales since 1991, led survey and excavation at Riversleigh in north west Queensland and investigated the  antiquity of rainforest occupation in tropical Australia. She is currently working in the highlands of Papua New Guinea investigating plant use through time at the Kosipe Mission site, which has the earliest radiocarbon- dated sequences from PNG/Australia. Judith has been awarded over $1.5 million for these projects through the competitive Australian Research Council project grant schemes.

In addition to the field-based research programs she has a keen interest in areas of archaeological science that have stemmed from the field programs. These include functional studies of flaked and ground stone tools, which include identification and characterisation of organic residues on stone tools, studies of fossil pollen and microscopic charcoal.

Supper will follow Judith’s talk.