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Castlecrag Conservation Society: Aims

1. To preserve the biodiversity of the natural heritage of Castlecrag by means of conservation and proper management of the natural bushland, wetlands and aquatic ecosystems for their intrinsic value to present and future generations.

2. To protect and promote the non-living resources of Castlecrag such as historic sites, geological features, views and other features of landscape significance.

3. To ensure that air, land, water and noise pollution, light controls in the City of Willoughby, and hence of Castlecrag, are of a sufficiently high standard and are adequately implemented to prevent harm to human health or the natural environment.

4. To represent locally the wider matters expressed in Australia and internationally for the protection of the natural environment, and where appropriate take action to express support for such concerns.

5. To uphold the principles of the Griffin Conservation Area.